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We are glad that you made it to this page! It’s always exciting to update a home with new colors, refinish cabinets or even refinish a piece of furniture in a bold color. There are many questions one has when hiring a pro, however one item that doesn’t get as much attention as it needs to, is the product that the pro will use for the project.

I’m not here to beat down on other contractors or paint manufacturers, the goal is to educate my customers about material quality and placement.

I have spent time talking with clients about other painting contractors they came across and what products they were going to use in their homes. I have also seen this while picking up my orders at the local paint stores. Much too often, the paint that flies off the shelf is what the industry calls “contractor grade” paint. While it has its place in the painting industry such as commercial applications, the unsuspecting homeowner might not realize that they are getting a sub-par coating applied on their walls, cabinets or exterior of their home. It’s by far cheaper then the higher quality paints and some contractors tend to lean towards the low price point of the lower grade product in order to pass on the “savings” to the customer and win that bid.
That said, below is a list of paints we recommend and use, because of the quality of their ingredients.

We understand that everyone has a budget and not everyone will require the most expensive product on the market to meet their needs. The products below are in a higher tier price range and we believe are priced fairly for how they perform after the paint is dry and the painter is long gone.