Cabinet Refinishing

Expert Cabinet Refinishing Boise, Idaho

When creating a custom kitchen that is personalized, you’re likely going to change the cabinets to match your style. Luckily, at Idaho Fine Finishes, we are experienced professionals who can provide high-quality cabinet refinishing at a great price. Our exceptional service offers customers a comprehensive list of options for their finish, making a selection truly unique. With numerous options available for color, sheen, and gloss, our selection has something to offer for everyone. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind kitchen and contact us today for a free estimate.

Reinvigorate Your Kitchen space

With our refinishing service, you can transform those bland cabinets into stunning pieces of art. As a place of communion and rejuvenation, your kitchen should bring life to your day-to-day routine. Once you’ve made the decision to refinish your cabinets and select the perfect finish, we’ll start the process immediately. From sanding down to staining and applying paint, we’ll handle every step of the project in a timely and efficient manner.

Introduce personality to your kitchen by contacting us today at 208-999-6390 .

Woodwork and ceiling finished using Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant.